3 Ways To Boost Your Training - Laura Winnan
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3 Ways To Boost Your Training

1. Look Good, Feel Good
Activewear. In recent years people have invested/collaborated in sports wear so its now super flattering for all shapes and sizes. Much nicer patterns and designs from large corporations such as nike and lululemon to smaller teams and limited edition collaborations.

If I have recently invested in new gym clothes / kit /trainers I am even more motivated to train. Give it a go! I guarantee treating yourself to some new trainers or even some new sports tops will help you feel re-motivated to go and train.

Im usually running round all day everyday in my activewearits much nicer to not have to wear a baggy top and
unflattering sweatpants like the good old days.

2. Try A New Class/ Coach
You can ALWAYS learn more! As a personal trainer of 6 years I love chatting with other coaches to
see their insights and how they like to train. The more you know you the more you can use in your
workouts for the best results.

I am not a crossfit athlete or coach in any form but I do love to do a crossfit class twice a month,
their style is super different to mine and the workouts include a lot of exercises i don’t naturally love
to do so its a great way to be pushed out of my comfort zone!

In Abu Dhabi they have great crossfit coaches at MProve Fitness & Vogue Fitness where you can
join in a mixed or ladies only class or work privately with a coach. I have attached a picture of me
looking very concerned as they explained our WOD- LOL!

3. Track Your Workouts
I use my apple watch which counts steps and calories burned, I would also reccomend the FitBit or
if you want to get super on it- a Polar heart rate monitor that will come with a chest strap and a
watch. These one are usually the most specific in terms of calculating your heart rates and

Another way to do this is to simply keep track of your weights and reps/sets. You may see a few
people in the gym with a small notepad and pen doing the same or making notes on their
smartphone. This allows you to make sure youre on track to reaching your goal and its great to
look back and see how far youve come in your workouts!

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