4 Ways To Get Healthy - Laura Winnan
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4 Ways To Get Healthy

1. Walk More
Simply by walking more you can increase your cardiovascular exercise, burn more calories and
increase your daily energy expenditure. This can range from taking your dog for a walk in the
mornings to taking a short walk break during your lunch hour.
Another plus of walking is it can create time for you to reflect, collect your thoughts and generally
reduce stress levels.

2. Pack Your Lunch
You’ve all heard the saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ and I always preach this to my personal
training clients. By preparing your food it will ensure you make good healthy food choices and stay
on track. This can be towards reaching a specific goal or to stay and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
It doesn’t need to be fancy or ‘for the gram’ – sometimes simply by adding extra into your dinner
and keeping it in a tupper wear box for lunch the following day is more than enough.

3. Stay Hydrated
This is key, most people who feel tired and/or hungry can actually be experiencing the first
symptoms of dehydration. Living in Abu Dhabi between the heat and the strong air conditioning I
aim to drink 2-3l per day and generally I would suggest at least 2l a day for anyone.

4. Look on The Brighter Side
Your healthy body needs a healthy mind! If you find yourself feeling down, stressed or easily
agitated I would suggest meditating (I will post a link to a great app down below) or simply taking a
few minutes each day to reflect on the events of that day – what went well, what maybe you didn’t
like that can be improved and if your on track to any goals you would like to achieve.

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