How To Stay Healthy On Holiday - Laura Winnan
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How To Stay Healthy On Holiday

I decided to write about as i get a lot questions about it, my true advice is to
keep it simple and enjoy your holiday or travels by using these simple

1. Stay active
Depending on your location and style of holiday you can vary this!
Want to laze by the pool all day and watch the world go by? No problem,
but I would suggest to take at least 30 mins of activity for you to stay on
track towards your fitness goal and use the other 23.5 hours of that day to
relax and not even think about a gym! For others you might be kayaking or hiking and be super
active as it is, in this case enjoy your holiday and don’t overthink during your relaxation time.

2. Choose wisely
If you are following a diet plan or guidelines and do want to stay on track during your holiday it can
be tough when there are less options than we have at home, but not impossible! My super simple
suggestion is to choose the best option you can and not overthink it too much through your

3. Relax
Healthy is so much more than trying to get abs and a nice butt, a healthy body needs a healthy
mind! You’ve probably read the word ‘relax’ several times during this blog post and that is the only
other suggestion I have. Let your body unwind and chill before retuning back to your normal

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