A Quick & Effective Kettlebell Workout - Laura Winnan
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A Quick & Effective Kettlebell Workout

This workout is great for people of all ages and levels, it can also be done anywhere as it requires
just you, your kettlebell and a small space! In this instance the gym was super busy so I popped
outside for a rooftop workout which has a beautiful view of Abu Dhabi.

Kettlebell swings x 15
Goblet squats x 15
Single deadlifts x 10
Kettlebell cleans x 10 each side

Repeat the whole circuit 4 times and remember to stretch after.






So thats it! 4 exercises, repeat 4 times! In the video I used a 8kg kettlebell but feel free to go lighter
or heavy and do whats best for your body.

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