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Busting Health Myths

After studying and working hands on in the health and fitness industry I have come across so many
health ‘myths’.. a lot of the time it starts with the words ‘but they say you should ..etc’
So here it goes! I hope nipping these ideas in the bud helps you on your fitness journey, if you are
unsure or have any questions about your training and nutrition please feel free to contact me!

Carbs Make You Fat – Probably the most common one but all you need to know this is way off.
Every person is different and is training for a different goal with their own lifestyle. I would suggest
to hit up a nutritionist or a personal trainer who has good knowledge on this, they can help you
work out how to stay on track with your protein, carbs and fats to hit your goal whilst suiting your
lifestyle. Say hello to flexible dieting and enjoy life whilst staying healthy!

I Need To Train Everyday To Get Results

Thank the lord this one isn’t true – Id be exhausted! Having at least one rest day helps your body
rest and refuel. If you’re not taking a rest day give it a try, you feel fresh and energised and able to
train much harder to achieve results.

Lifting Weights Always Makes Girls Get Bulky Muscle
Nope! As a personal trainer I would recommend weightlifting in everyones workouts where
possible. Lifting weights, both light and/or heavy will help you build lean muscle and also has a ton
of health benefits. How to program your weight training is a much larger umbrella and should be
personally programmed for you and your goal by a personal trainer/ coach. So girls I would totally
suggest to lift heavy, work with a pro and feel pretty badass in the process.

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