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Cycling at al Hudayriat Island!

Keeping this blog post short and sweet! If you are living in Abu Dhabi, you’ve got to cycle around at Al Hudayriat island! 

Its a great opportunity to see the skyline of Abu Dhabi from another angle, and also get a small taste of desert atmosphere. As you drive over the bridge onto the island, you straight away see the car park with food trucks and beach visitors. At the end of the car park is the Yas Cycles centre, where you rent a bike and a helmet for just 50aed per hour.

I was super impressed with the service of the Yas Cycles staff, and after simply leaving our Emirates ID we soon set off to cycle the whole island for about 45 minutes. With the ocean and Abu Dhabi city views of Emirates Palace and Etihad Towers on one side, golden desert on the other I can’t recommend it enough.

The island gets a little busier in the evening as people visit the island for the food trucks and beach atmosphere, and attracts everyone from professional cyclists to families looking for a beach day out.

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