How To Stay Motivated: My Podcast Guide - Laura Winnan
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How To Stay Motivated: My Podcast Guide

I spend a lot of time driving and instead of listening to radio I love listening to audiobooks and
podcasts! Here are a few podcasts I have listened to and would recommend to keep you motivated
whilst driving, training or out running errands.

1. The Tony Robbins Podcast
Either the most or one of the most famous coaches in the world, you cant fault this guy he is super
motivating! He brings in top people from various industries and touches a lot on business and he
will relate even business principles and practices relate to health and fitness.

2. Ben Coomber
I have been a fan of Ben Coombers work since I started working in the fitness industry, he
transformed his body, lifestyle and careers and is well known for his no BS attitude and saying it how it is. This is definitely refreshing in the health/ fitness industry. I would definitely suggest a listen whether you’re looking to start going to the gym or even if you have been working in the industry for years.
He does quite a few guest podcasts so I would suggest to simply type in ‘Ben Coomber’ into the
podcasts and browse through.

3. Cut The Fat Podcast
This is very informative podcast and also very lighthearted.  They give so much correct information and helpful tips it is super
refreshing to hear amongst so many health and fitness myths that you can come across on social media.

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