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Zaya Nurai Island


Is this the Maldives? Bali? UAE? I cannot believe this little gem of a resort is just a 10 minute boat
from Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi.

From entering the Zaya Nurai welcome centre I was hit with simple island vibes with the interior
and the super friendly staff. To enter the Island as a day pass (there is also a hotel with beautiful
rooms for more long term guests) I paid 440aed and this could be used to claim back on food and
drinks. It may seem a little steep compared to beach club prices, but if you plan to stay there all
day its pretty ideal and convenient.









We were lucky enough to enjoy the brunch in their main international restaurant, the food was
exceptional as were the food and beverage team. After that we visited the main infinity pool looking
out into the india ocean – is there a more dreamy setting?


After a few hours there we then had a golf buggy take us over to the second beach to explore, this
has a smaller infinity pool and felt slightly more like beach clubs I had seen in Bali but of course
tied in with the glamour of the UAE.
I couldn’t recommend this place more and is definitely a must see if you are in the UAE!

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