A Weekend In The Seychelles - Laura Winnan
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A Weekend In The Seychelles


I travelled last year to the beautiful island of the Seychelles and its so much more than I expected.
Just a four hour flight from Abu Dhabi the girly weekend of relaxing had begun. We booked a four
day vacation through The Holiday Factory and got everything we were looking for at the price of
just a few thousand dirhams.

As we arrived at The Avani Hotel, the staff were beyond superb and showed us straight to our
room overlooking the hotel and straight out to the sea. We had travelled here to relax from our
hectic schedules and I cannot recommend a better place to that, the massages were amazing!

The Seychelles is a small island and you can be anywhere you want to be within 25 minutes, the
most popular place is the area ‘Boardwalk’ with buzzing restaurants and bars and nightclub that
stays open until the early hours.

The weather is very tropical, but you will see sun everyday for at least a few hours, and the easiest
way to travel is by taxi (they are super cheap) or the Avani hotel were awesome and arranging our
transport wherever we wanted to go.

If you do go to visit this wonderful island you must go and visit the giant tortoises, some of them
are aged around 100 years old and are absolutely huge!


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