Bali - Laura Winnan
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Im not one to return to the same holiday destinations year after year but I would definitely go back
to Bali! SO much to do and see if this beautiful place.

I travelled here during the month of May and the weather was warm and a little humid but nothing
compared to those UAE summers.

We stayed at Kayu Raga hotel in Seminyak which I would definitely recommend. The hotel was
beautiful and for around 3000aed for 10 nights we had a 3 storey villa with a private pool for our
room. Seminyak is actually one more of the more expensive areas of Bali, it has lots of boutique shops, restaurants and bars and even a small mall. There are so many healthy restaurants and vegan cafes, it make it super easy to stay fit and healthy when visiting.

Seminyak is just 15 minutes from the area of Kuta where it is buzzing! Bars, restaurants and
markets all come to life and the area is busy with tourists exploring the local nightlife, I was even
lucky enough to catch up with a friend from University who happened to be there at the same time!

Our hotel was super helpful at organising excursions, one of my favourites was doing a private
surfing lesson in the area of Changgu – for approximately 300 AED the two of us had our own
professional instructor that taught us the basics on the beach front then we went out to the waves!
It was amazing, all the hotels in Bali were great at finding great instructors at such reasonable


It was highly recommended to us to take a private tour of the coffee factory, this really didn’t appeal
to me at first but so many people recommended it to us that we booked and it was awesome! You
go to see some beautiful rice fields through to the factory that is as old school as it can be, with
local men grinding fresh coffee beans and they give a taste of each different coffee that they make.
They even have a famous coffee which is made from feeding animals berries and after the berries
are consumed they clean them and make the coffee – yes I was surprised as you are!

Another highly recommended activity was to visit the monkey temple, it was such an experience to
see these animals in their natural habitat – just don’t approach them too quickly but they are
generally super friendly!

The beach clubs in Bali are a must- the most popular and the ones I would recommend the most
are Potato head and Ku De Ta.

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