Italy - Laura Winnan
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Our first European holiday together! We were going to Italy as Gilbert was the best man at a
friends wedding and it was beyond beautiful. From Abu Dhabi we flew to Rome, and got the train
down to Naples and Salerno where we rented a car with Europcar to drive down the beautiful Almafi coast to
Campania. The hotels are not on the cheaper side but well worth the pennies and the drive down,
the views are so typically Italian and just wonderful.


I had been dying to visit the island of Capri and this was my favourite location of the trip, holiday
homes to so many celebrities and amazing designer brands everywhere. It was absolutely
beautiful and just a boat ride away from Positano. I mean who wouldn’t want to shop in Valentino
right next to Valentino’s actual house?

After shopping you can visit the blue lagoon, its too small for normal boats but you can a few euros
to go round in a kayak.

Italian food. Where do I begin? Even as a fitness coach, on holiday I like to relax and enjoy local
cuisine and southern provided all the carbs and dairy a person could dream of – pasta,pizza and
the tastiest gelato! So many cute restaurants and cafes on every corner.

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